Any seasoned builder will tell you the absolute most efficient building method is design-build construction.

The key to an efficient commercial construction project is meticulous planning, seamless coordination, and effective stakeholder communication. Integrating design-build and metal-building systems also ensures a seamless workflow and unparalleled efficiency from conception to completion.

What makes design-build so efficient? And why do metal building systems go so well with a design-build project? It’s all about built-in efficiency through innovation.

Read on to learn more about how we can bring you an ultimately optimized project from start to finish.

Understanding Design-Build Construction

At its core, design-build is a collaborative project delivery method where the design and construction aspects are handled by a single entity—your chosen builder.

This streamlined approach eliminates the traditional silos between architects and builders, fostering a more cohesive and communicative environment. We do that by having our design team and build team on the same team: a design-build team.

 Using our experience, we take a project from stages as early as site selection to opening day. We use our trusted network of subcontractors and suppliers to offer you several choices of price and timelines.

All of this is housed under one roof. You can see why people are choosing design-build construction more often than conventional construction. Our clients often cite avoiding the bidding process and accessing a network of known and reliable contractors as reasons they choose design-build.

Optimal Workflow with the Design-Build Advantage

Much like a finely tuned machine, design-build construction creates an optimal workflow. Involving construction experts in the early stages identifies and addresses potential bottlenecks and challenges proactively. This early collaboration ensures the project progresses seamlessly, minimizing the risk of costly delays or redesigns.

Imagine the efficiency of a production floor, each element contributing to production in its own way. Similarly, a well-executed design-build project is a symphony of expertise, with architects, engineers, and builders working in tandem from the outset. All with the same goal in mind.

Metal Building Systems with the PEMB Revolution

Metal buildings are also designed for efficient construction and, when paired with design-build, owners achieve the quick, accurate construction they never dreamed possible.

Metal building systems, often referred to as pre-engineered metal buildings or PEMBs, are revolutionizing commercial construction with their cost-effectiveness and speed of installation. The meticulous engineering and precision that go into manufacturing these structures have made them a popular choice.

The Synergy of Design-Build and PEMB

What makes design-build and PEMB such a dynamic duo? The answer lies in their shared commitment to efficiency.

An experienced PEMB builder engaged in a design-build project optimizes everything from the beginning. With a deep understanding of available systems and how to customize them for your business needs, we schedule materials and manpower to align with shipments and site activities.

Early Involvement Is the Key to Optimization

Early involvement with the design-build firm is critical for the ultimate efficiency of a metal building systems project.

When the collaboration begins at the conceptual stage, the construction team can provide valuable input that optimizes the design for construction efficiency. This early synergy between design and construction experts is the secret sauce for projects that meet and often exceed expectations.

It gives us the chance to run a fine-toothed comb through your plans, noting any possible issues and solving problems before they happen on the job site.

In essence, early collaboration, an integrated approach, and precision engineering result in a construction project that is efficient, cost-effective, and looks good when we’re finished.

The Green Advantage

Whether you’re trying to qualify for LEED credits or just want to build something that will last longer with recycled resources, a metal building system offers you an ideal construction solution.

When design-build’s sustainability focus converges with the eco-friendly attributes of metal building systems, the result is an efficient building made from efficient materials.

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer not only the reduction of waste during fabrication but they also use the most recycled material on the planet: steel. The amount of recycled steel varies and, because steel loses no durability or strength during recycling, the stability and reliability of the project are in no way sacrificed.

Close Out

Ready to unlock the full potential of design-build and metal-building systems for your commercial construction project? Look no further than Chapple Design Build. With a proven track record of delivering efficient and innovative solutions, our team is dedicated to turning your vision into reality. Contact us today for a consultation and experience a truly integrated construction approach.


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