PowerShingle® Solar Roof Panels

Eliminate leaks and protect your assets while generating clean solar power



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Maximize Energy Production with No Roof Leakage

PowerShingle solar panels naturally shed water, creating a clean, dry space, with unparalleled energy density. Traditional solar structures leak water, but the revolutionary watershed design of PowerShingle eliminates leakage and creates a space that can be used for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. 

Beautiful Natural Light

Manufactured with over 90% of recycled American steel, PowerShingle’s bifacial construction gathers sunlight from both sides, creating maximum power generation, and allowing beautiful, natural light to pass through. 

Costly Sub-Roofing is Eliminated

The unique watershed design eliminates the need for costly sub-roofing typically required to weatherproof conventional solar systems. And backed by a 25 year, industry-leading warranty, PowerShingle provides clean energy you can depend on. 


Unlike its competitors, PowerShingle — from the structure to the solar panels — is proudly manufactured in America. Featuring a highly effective water-shed design that keeps everything below clean and dry, PowerShingle eliminates the need for costly subroofing typically required to weatherproof conventional solar systems.

Higher System Performance

Generate power on front and back with bi-facial technology

Proudly Manufactured in the USA

Shipped with Positive Tolerance

Frameless Modules

With anti-reflective coating on glass

Junction Box Optimized

For bi-facial performance

Quality Weather Protection

Designed so water sheets down the panels, eliminating the need for a subroof

Compatible with Any Purlin Design

3rd Party Reliability Testing

Industry Leading PTC Rating

UL 1703 Type Designation 3

25 Year Linear Performance Warranty 15 Year Product Warranty

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